My Love

         What a sweet Valentine's Day I had!      I work part-time at a non-profit organization which provides permanent supportive housing for homeless women with mental disability.   Strength-based approach is one of my favorite ways to build relationship with clients.   One of the ladies who live there about a year loves to write poems.   Three months ago, s he joined the poetry group which meets every Wednesday afternoon.   I asked her to share her writing with me.   Her writing is very good.   It allows me to know where her emotional stage at.   I shared with her that I started a poem four years ago, but I had never finished it.   She encouraged me to finish it then she would read my poem to the group.   My previous post ‘You are near!’ was the one that took me forever to finish.   Because she gave me the motivation, finally I finished writing ‘You are near!’   Each week she would tell me what the topic was for the next group meeting.  She also wanted me to write one

Dream Vacation

Sunshine, white sand, and waves running back and forward. Who would mind spending hours by the beach? Seafood, steaks, and pina colada; Who would mind eating your heart out every minute? No cellphone, no emails, and no complaints from my boss; Who would mind getting personal quiet times without listening to people’s problems? We can go to different cities and countries whenever we want. But wait, all these things are temporary. All these great places and memories will soon disappear. Where can I find my real dream vacation? I know a secret place, don’t you want to come? A place with a huge mansion, has a room ready for you. A special person will take you there. There will be eternal laughter and everlasting peace. No more wars, no more hatred, and no more tears, Who wants to come with me? John 14:1-4 “Do not let your hearts be troubled.   You believe   in God; believe also in me.   2  My Father’s house has many rooms; if that were not so,

You Are Near

When I open my eyes, I can see your new mercy. When I open my eyes, I can see you are standing near. When I stretch out my hands, I can feel your love comforting me. When I stretch out my hands, I try so hard to touch you, but I can’t. When I walk by the ocean, I can hear sweet angels singing. The sun in the sky, the gracious warmth always covers me. When I stretch out my hands, I can feel your love comforting me. When I stretch out my hands, I try so hard to touch you, but I can’t. You are near, O Lord, but you seem like a thousand miles away. Sometimes I fall, and you catch me; but I turn and you disappear. Speak to me, O Lord, may your mighty voice guide me out of my struggles. Even though you are unseen and untouchable, but now I know you are near and always dwell in my heart forever.

He wants it all!

Time fly.  The new year is approaching.  I am enjoying my short “vacation” from school and internship while working full-time.  It is only couple weeks left before the next busy semester starts as well as interning at a supportive housing for homeless women with mental conditions and substance misuse.  I am hoping that I will graduate with my Bachelor of Social Work by the end of 2013. God had blessed me with this agency which allows me to use the gifts that He gave me to serve this specific population.  Looking back, a few months ago, I was preparing my resume for finding an agency for my field placement.  Two of my co-workers helped me to revise my resume and made it looks professional/presentable.  One of them made fun of me saying all these years that I had spent living in America , I did not accomplish anything.  He also said that I should have finished school at least.  His comment was so truth.  I was a lazy student who dislikes school.  No one gave me direction and I was

Letter from the President Obama

Update from my previous post :  I was so so excited when I received a letter from the White House last night.  I didn't expect that I would get another respond from them, since I have already gotten their email.  This time the letter is typed but our President Obama signed for it.  So I would like to share my joy with you.  What should I do with the letter?  Is it worth to frame it?  What do you think?  :) Did you see the seal? (Click on the image to view larger size.) It's not a stamp :) (Click on the image to view larger size.) Can you read it? (Click on the image to view larger size.)

Letter to President Obama

UPDATE :  I received a response from the White House today, even though it wasn't written by our President but I was so excited to get the email.  I'm so sure that they must send out this "standard" email to everyone who have contacted the White House with the same issue.  Below are the highlights in the email: June 6, 2012   Recently, in an   interview with ABC News , the President said, “I think same-sex couples should be able to get married,” making it clear he believes it is wrong to prevent couples who are in loving, committed relationships from getting married.  The President’s view has been shaped by conversations with his family, friends, and the people who work with him at the White House.  Ultimately, President Obama’s support of same-sex marriage is grounded in his values and his firm belief in treating others as we want to be treated. The President knows that people have differing views on marriage and that those views, even if we disagree strongl

Rules that I Broke

Recently I picked up a book Food Rules to read because Oprah said it’s good (Well, it’s not everything that Oprah said were THAT good).   I realized that I broke 99% of these rules according to the book.   For example, rule #4: Avoid food products that contain high-fructose corn syrup.   Even though I know high-fructose corn syrup is bad for you, but I usually ignore it cause I can’t stop eating my cereal.   Rule #6:   Avoid food products that contain more than five ingredients.   Really?   Where on earth I can find any products like that?   Rule #10:   Avoid foods that are pretending to be something they are not; examples such as, margarine and nonfat cream cheese.   I didn’t know nonfat cream cheese is not cream cheese, oops!   Rule #54:   “Breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, dinner like a pauper.”   For real?   My own rule is, “Breakfast like a queen, lunch like a blue whale , dinner like a monster.” I’m a sucker for all kind of foods and I always eat excessively.