My Love

What a sweet Valentine's Day I had!
     I work part-time at a non-profit organization which provides permanent supportive housing for homeless women with mental disability.  Strength-based approach is one of my favorite ways to build relationship with clients.  One of the ladies who live there about a year loves to write poems.  Three months ago, she joined the poetry group which meets every Wednesday afternoon.  I asked her to share her writing with me.  Her writing is very good.  It allows me to know where her emotional stage at.  I shared with her that I started a poem four years ago, but I had never finished it.  She encouraged me to finish it then she would read my poem to the group.  My previous post ‘You are near!’ was the one that took me forever to finish.  Because she gave me the motivation, finally I finished writing ‘You are near!’  Each week she would tell me what the topic was for the next group meeting.  She also wanted me to write one for her to read it for me in the group.  So, the next topic for the meeting is Valentine’s Day.  Below is her poem, and follow by my writing.  Enjoy! 
When we think of Valentine
We think of love

The perfect date
The perfect kiss
From the perfect mate

The perfect lingerie
The perfect bottle of wine
A look into those perfect eyes
And know he’s mine all mine

The only thing wrong
with this plan well laid is
 It’s a Hallmark holiday
So they can get paid
My love by Kit

Just think about my love
Easy to guess if you know me
Sovereign love and forgiveness
Unlike nobody else
Someone I can trust and count on
Come to Him
He gives me the best happiness in the world
Read His words
I receive His blessings and assurance
So, who is This person?
The beautiful name is spelled by connecting the first letter from each sentence.


Hi, Kit
I'm glad to hear that you can connected with the lady through the same interest, poem, and also you are encouraged with her to start writing the poem.
I'm back to this cold weather Chicago day before yesterday. I'll post new article soon. Hiroko

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