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He wants it all!

Time fly.  The new year is approaching.  I am enjoying my short “vacation” from school and internship while working full-time.  It is only couple weeks left before the next busy semester starts as well as interning at a supportive housing for homeless women with mental conditions and substance misuse.  I am hoping that I will graduate with my Bachelor of Social Work by the end of 2013. God had blessed me with this agency which allows me to use the gifts that He gave me to serve this specific population.  Looking back, a few months ago, I was preparing my resume for finding an agency for my field placement.  Two of my co-workers helped me to revise my resume and made it looks professional/presentable.  One of them made fun of me saying all these years that I had spent living in America , I did not accomplish anything.  He also said that I should have finished school at least.  His comment was so truth.  I was a lazy student who dislikes school.  No one gave me direction and I was