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Nearly Perfect Chunky Scarf

Happy New Year!  Almost a year ago I found this beautiful pattern and I have been on and off knitting this scarf for my sister. I used less than three skeins of Vanna’s Choice rose color yarns and US 9 knitting needles for this project. The scarf is about 49 inches long and 9 inches wide, so it’s kind of chunky. Basically, you can use whatever yarn and knit your desire of length. The pattern has some new stitches that I needed some helps from YouTube to learn the stitches. Thanks God for the technology! You can find the pattern here , and I thought I might include some video tutorials to help us knit.  Just click on the abbreviation for videos! Stitch Glossary: K = Knit K1-B (Knit 1 through back loop) = Insert needle into the back loop of the stitch and knit it. K2-B (Knit 2 through back loop) = Same as K1-b, except you knit 2 stitches through the back loop (one stitch after the other, not K2Tog through back loop). K2Tog = Knit 2 Together M1 (Make One) = Insert need