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Warning! Blizzard, Thunder Snow and Jesus Returns

I have never heard of ‘thunder snow’ before until last Tuesday on the weather report when the blizzard came in town. A friend said there was a thunder around 8pm but I totally missed that because I was watching Founder’s week online. I guess God’s voice/message was louder than the thunder. There were some conversations going in the office before the snowstorm. Some colleagues took the weather warning very seriously and went home earlier than usual (including me). Some colleagues even warned their friends to avoid taking certain routes to go home; especially not to take the Lake Shore Drive (of course, some of their friends ignored their advice). Some colleagues chose not to believe that the snow storm would bring the city 20 or more inches of snow. Some even said, ‘It is not the end of the world! Why do people make such big deal?’ Different people react the weather warning differently. What if the news says, ‘Jesus is coming!’ How would you response? In Matthew 24 , Jesus told his di