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How to Knit a Relationship with God for Dummies?

Basic needs: a knitting pattern; knitting needles; a ball of yarn. Skill level: Easy but requires lots of practice and patience. Knitting Pattern: It is like God’s instruction plan for you. All you need to do is to obey and follow each and every single detail to achieve a perfect piece. Knitting Needles: They are used to help you to build your piece up, you can’t work without them. Just like our lives need God, families, friends and circumstances to help us to grow. Yarn: It is made with many different colors, sizes and materials. It requires a pattern and needles to work together to make something unique. Yarn will become a sweater, glove or scarf. But yarn without a pattern and needles is just called yarn. We are like yarn made with many different colors and sizes. Each one of us is unique. Our life is like yarn in that it needs a pattern and needles to work. The end results are different and unique. Directions 1) Follow the pattern and start by casting on the requir