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What can pigeon droppings do for you?

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw what someone from the other side of the world uses to prepare the leather for a pair of shoes for my feet! They collect pigeon droppings and mix it with an amount of water, and then apply the mixture to the animal skins for softening. But what else did this unknown person do?  Check out Pigeon Droppings  for yourself. Does it make you want to wear eco-friendly shoes? I personally like Simple shoes and you can simply  search for more simple shoes here. =============================== It is kind of difficult for me to find a relevant Bible verses for this articles; but thanks God I found one. In Ezekiel talked about how God loved and took good care for the people in Jerusalem. However, they were unfaithful to the Lord and displeased Him. Can you believe that God provided them with leather shoes back in those days? (Update:  I just read this article today that  the oldest leather shoe which is about 5,500 year ago was found.) Ezekiel 16: 10

Condo Flooding

I opened my eyes; it was about three o'clock in the afternoon.  My two year old brother, Steven, and four year old sister, Winnie, were still taking a nap in our bedroom.  I was six years old. I ran to the living room, and turned the television on at low volume to watch my favorite cartoon show.  Half an hour later, I heard a noise coming from the bathroom.  As I took little steps walking toward it, I could recognize that the noise was running water.  The bathroom was really scary; it was dark and had no light on.  So I stopped walking and just stared at it.  "Daddy, Daddy.  Is that you?"  I yelled, but no one answered.  I ignored it and went back to watch my favorite show. Another half hour passed, I heard the water running even harder.  I felt scared; and I woke my sister up and asked her to walk with me.  We both yelled, "Daddy, Daddy.  Is that you?"  Again, no one answered.  "It might be a ghost."  Winnie said.  "Stop!  It's not.  Let&