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Tiramisu Lover and Recipe

             Friday afternoon my office building treated all tenants to a very nice miniature desserts social.  They had different kinds of seasonal sugar cookies, brownies, cheese cakes, and lemon squares, etc.  Hot chocolate and apple cider were also served and accompanied with mini marshmallows, whipped cream and cinnamon sticks.            Now I think about my favorite dessert, tiramisu.  I found a recipe a while ago and would like to try to make it myself.  Below is the recipe as you also might be interested in baking this wonderful dessert for your family and friends.  Let me know how you like it and show me some pictures if you like.               Finally, I would like to thank God as He is the only one who created all kinds of foods for us to enjoy and gave us a tongue to taste.  Lord, you are so good.  Have you also found that the Lord is good?  If so, what did you do to share His goodness with others and let them taste this wonderful gift?  If not, do you want to experience