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What reason is this? 這是什麼道理

     About couple months ago, Jade Kwan who is a singer in Hong Kong came here and shared her testimomy with us.  I was touched by one of her songs.  My tears was flowing out of my eyes while I was meditating on the words.  What a beautiful song! 這是什麼道理-關心妍 我 如此污穢 我 毫不美麗 像泥中的花朵被踐踏至枯萎 人生彷似沒存在真諦 你 何等尊貴 你 無比壯麗 為何你竟選擇捨尊降世 來尋找我 寧願撇下了一切? 這是什麼的道理 上帝兒子竟親臨世上甘願為我死 就算我曾淌著淚 狠心放棄自己 然而你卻說不會把我遺棄 超越人間的道理 十架代死的恩情使這生重現轉機 在昨天曾覺絕望 今天已全忘記 重新找到生存勇氣 這是無價的福氣 像我如此的卑微終於可拍翼高飛 任雪霜籠罩大地 滔滔狂潮泛起 仍昂首跨千里 跟隨你步履 What reason is this? (Album: Jade Kwan-Shine) I    am so filthy I    am not attractive Like a flower has been trampled until it died And just like life without truth meanings YOU    are so majestic YOU    are magnificent Why did you choose to give up your Kingship and come to the earth?  To seek me; YOU rather give up everything? What reason is this? For the Son of God actually comes down from heaven and wants to die for me Even though I cried and tried to give up myself But YOU say, “I will never for