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Flowers of Love

     My sister just got married a few weeks ago, and I was honored to be her bridesmaid, to stand by her side on her special day.  I also was asked to make the floral bouquets.  I made a red rose bouquet for her, and a calla lily bouquet for myself.      I looked at the pictures of the floral bouquets of that day.  I made them using different stems of flowers and tied them together with  long ribbons.  All the flowers bloomed at the same time and they withered together at the end.  Don’t you think marriage is like a bouquet?  Somehow a couple meets each other, and their relationship grows together like the budding and blooming of the flowers.  Later on, marriage will bind them together to form unity; just like the ribbon on the bouquet.  The marriage will also have an end:  one will leave their partner due to sickness or some kind of accident.  Then just like the flowers, the marriage will die.      Marriage doesn’t automatically mean happiness; there will be days the couple will

I Luv My Bag

    Christmas is just around the corner.  Who doesn’t like receiving a gift on Christmas day?  But shopping for gifts can be a headache for some people.  They feel they don’t know what to buy and/or don’t like waiting in long lines to pay for their purchases in the stores.      Here is a solution which might heal your shopping headache: how about buying some unique inexpensive handmade bags this year online?  Then you can stay at home, sit in front of your computer and just click a few times with your mouse.  Your package will be delivered right to the front door.  Also, the money that you spend will help the homeless in Chicago.  Your purchases can help others and your family members and your friends will be happy receiving these meaningful gifts.      The two pictures on the right are called a plastic bags holder and  stylish wine bottle bag.  They were made by two creative women.  Please go to I Luv My Bag to check out more styles (backpacks, totes and brocade bags) and to supp