Condo Flooding

Hong Kong
The building to the left was the building I grew up at.

I opened my eyes; it was about three o'clock in the afternoon.  My two year old brother, Steven, and four year old sister, Winnie, were still taking a nap in our bedroom.  I was six years old.

I ran to the living room, and turned the television on at low volume to watch my favorite cartoon show.  Half an hour later, I heard a noise coming from the bathroom.  As I took little steps walking toward it, I could recognize that the noise was running water.  The bathroom was really scary; it was dark and had no light on.  So I stopped walking and just stared at it.  "Daddy, Daddy.  Is that you?"  I yelled, but no one answered.  I ignored it and went back to watch my favorite show.

Another half hour passed, I heard the water running even harder.  I felt scared; and I woke my sister up and asked her to walk with me.  We both yelled, "Daddy, Daddy.  Is that you?"  Again, no one answered.  "It might be a ghost."  Winnie said.  "Stop!  It's not.  Let's go to watch TV," I said.

Suddenly, my brother started to cry.  As I walked toward the bedroom, "Look!  Lots of water is coming this way.  Oh no!  We need to rescue Steven; if not, he will die,"  I said to my sister.  We ran to the bedroom and took Steven out immediately and put him on the couch telling him not to get down on the floor.  Then I went to the storeroom to get the mop to dry the floor.  A few seconds later, I felt water splashing on my back.  I looked behind me; it was my sister using the broom to dry the floor.  "What are you doing?  Go get another mop," I said.

We mopped almost half an hour, but it didn't seem to really help.  Our feet were wet, so we wore our high-heels which were printed with a Barbie doll's face on them to walk around the house.  My sister and I were playing in the water with the mops.  I splashed water on her, and she splashed water back on me.  It was fun, and we didn't think about turning the tap off.

The water was getting higher and higher, and it was up to our ankles.  My brother started to cry again; so we all went to my parents' bedroom which was the only area still dry.  We closed the door and turned on the television; but I wasn't watching it, instead I kept looking at the door, making sure no water was coming in the room.  Unfortunately, I soon saw something sparkling.  It was the water again!  I asked my sister to pass all the pillows and blankets to me, and put them underneath the door.  It really seemed to help.

Later on, all the pillows and blankets were filled up with water.  "We can't stay here, we will die."  Winnie said.  We jumped on the bed, and opened the door beside it.  "Wow, a swimming pool."  We got out of the room and the water was up to our calves.  We were so excited and forgot all about being scared.  My sister and I grabbed the mops again.  Also, we turned the wooden chair upside down to make a little boat and put my brother in it.  Of course, it wouldn't float.

The house was filled with laughter and water sounds.  The next thing we heard was, "What's going on here?"  The deep and angry voice was my father.

The above story reminds me of God sent rain to the earth for forty days and forty nights because of man's wickedness (Genesis 6:5).  The flood killed all mankind, animals and all living creatures on the earth.  However, only Noah and his family was saved because he was a righteous man and walked with God (Genesis 6:8).  After the flood, God made a covenant with Noah, saying that "...never again will all life be cut off by the waters of a flood; never again will there be a flood to destroy the earth." (Genesis 9:11)  Also, God used rainbow as a sign of the covenant between Him and the earth. (Genesis 9:13)

God taught me that He is above all things.  He doesn't tolerate sins; and He wants us to have relationship with Him.  The promise that He made with Noah revealing God loves us and has patient with us.  Next time if you see a rainbow, please don't forget the promise He made with you.  God always keep His promises!

Psalm 145: 13

The LORD is faithful to all his promises and loving toward all he has made.


Anonymous said…
Hi, Kit:
Is it really happened? What your father said? WOW! You write very well. Make people exciting.
Noah's story is very good, too. I'm surely remember your story and God grace when I see the rainbow next time. Hiroko from the House of Rock
kit said…
yes, it was a true story and it happened twice in my childhood. i don't know if my dad pump the water away to the sink or not, but i do know that he was mad and kept drying the floor my himself before mom got home. there were some time the water would stop running for few hours in the whole building. one of us might turn the tap on and saw no water running, and left with the tap on. when the water was back... yes, you now know what happen.

thanks for you comment!
Hi, Kit:
Why was it start my comment anonymous said?
I'd like to try making to start with Hiroko said...

I thought the water started by it self. Now I know. Didn't the water go through down stair? Hiroko from the House on the Rock
kit said…
i was living on the 10/F in a concrete building and each floor had six units. can you imagine once my father opened the front door? i don't think the water could go through downstair :)

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