Letter from the President Obama

Update from my previous post:  I was so so excited when I received a letter from the White House last night.  I didn't expect that I would get another respond from them, since I have already gotten their email.  This time the letter is typed but our President Obama signed for it.  So I would like to share my joy with you.  What should I do with the letter?  Is it worth to frame it?  What do you think?  :)

Did you see the seal?
(Click on the image to view larger size.)

It's not a stamp :)
(Click on the image to view larger size.)

Can you read it?
(Click on the image to view larger size.)


Hi, Kit:
I missed this article written in July. I've come to your blog many time, but in my brain I'm thinking you're busy so you didn't write. I'm sorry!
It is great you received the letter from President.
Hopefully you are doing well. We can manage the church cleaning. Thanks! yoko

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