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Jar of Hearts

Couple of weeks ago, I finally watched the movie ‘ Once ’ since it was released in 2006. I’m not that crazy about the love story in the movie; but I’m in love with all the music which were sang and written by very talented Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova . Besides the excellent song ‘ Falling Slowly’ , 'Lies’ also is one of my favorite songs from the movie soundtrack. It goes... “The little cracks they escalated And before we knew it was too late For making circles and telling lies You're moving too fast for me And I can't keep up with you Maybe if you slowed down for me I could see you're only telling Lies, lies, lies Breaking us down with your Lies, lies, lies When will you learn” I like break-up songs. I like the fact that the feeling of pain is super real than love. Probably being raise in a dysfunctional family, pain has been playing an important role in the relationship of each member. Love seems to be captured somewhere in a jar and nowhere to be found.