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A surprise message from my cousin who I last talked three years ago and lost contact since

Dear Kit, I am Andy. How are you? I lost my job again and now I have no place to live. I live on the street for a long time. Sometimes I will stay at 24 hours McDonald’s. I really need the money to find a place to live. Can you give me a hand? My phone number is xxx-xxx-xxxx and my email is Now I’m at a café using their computer. Please give me a call, I’m so poor. Good luck! Andy May 24, 2010 Dear Andy, I’m so happy that to hear from you again, but I really can't help you. Right now, all my money is going to pay for my school tuition. Yes, I’m going back to school and trying to earn a degree. Do you remember last time I talked to you over the phone? I told you if you need any help, there is ONLY one person who can help you and that person is Jesus. Please go to church and look for Jesus. Even though you might feel worthless or feel like you have nothing. Once you confess your sin and believe in Him, He will help you and He will show you a way. If you have